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About Monica

Monica Ortiz, CEO  a 32-year-old born in Bogotá, Colombia, has always been driven by her experiences as a young mother. This journey has inspired her to guide and support young women, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. Married to Juan Davila, Monica finds strength and motivation in their partnership. Together, they have been blessed with three beautiful children named Melanie, Marley, and Sofi.

As the CEO of her own company, Monica showcases her exceptional leadership skills. She believes in constantly pushing her team to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. Her dedication and determination are evident in the way she leads by example and encourages her team members to unleash their full potential.  Monica’s passion for entrepreneurship and her desire to empower young women have made her a remarkable role model. Through her guidance and support, she aims to inspire others to pursue their dreams fearlessly and achieve success in their chosen endeavors.
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We take extra precautions to protect our client’s properties using our Catch-All-System. This reinforced netting system allows us to protect hedgerows, gardens, siding, and other delicate areas around the home from debris as we work.

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