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Gustavo Martinez (marketing & recruiting)is a 32-year-old entrepreneur born in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been in the business world for about eight years, starting his first company called Georgia’s Best Painter alongside his business partner, Juan. Gustavo is married to another one of his beautiful business partners, Genesis, and together they have two wonderful children. In their free time, the family enjoys spending quality time together, whether it’s working, attending soccer games, or going on amazing and fun vacations. Gustavo is a dedicated and passionate individual who values both his family and his business ventures.

Why Georgia's Best Roofer

Safeguarding Your Surroundings

We take extra precautions to protect our client’s properties using our Catch-All-System. This reinforced netting system allows us to protect hedgerows, gardens, siding, and other delicate areas around the home from debris as we work.

100% Reliable

Consistently delivering top-notch service and peace of mind to our valued clients.

Masters in Roofing

With decades of combined experience we bring unparalleled expertise and skill to every project we undertake.
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