Storm Damage Roof Repair

Storm Damage Roofing Services

Storms are very unpredictable. One minute it can be beautiful outside and the next it could be pouring. During these storms, different things can cause serious damage to your home. You may think you are prepared for a storm but there is no telling what can happen in those hours.

Your home is your safe place and we want to ensure it remains that way. At Georgia’s Best Roofers, we pride ourselves in delivering the best and most affordable service for your family. We know how scary damage after a storm can be so we strive to take the burden off your shoulders.

During Storms, Many Things Can Happen to Your Roof.

Shingle Damage: Shingle damage can be caused by wind. Any wind about 39mph can cause serious damage to your shingles like curling. Also, any loose limbs on trees can be picked up by the wind and can cause dents on your shingles. Shingle damage can also be caused by hail. Hail can get up to 10 to 15 inches which can cause major dents in your shingles.

Moisture Damage: Some thunderstorms can produce up to 4 inches of rain and if your roof cannot drain properly, that will lead to serious problems. If your gutters do not work properly, it will cause water to retain and the moisture will start to damage the roof.

What to Do After a Storm

If after a storm you realize you have serious damage to your roof, contact Georgia’s Best Roofers immediately. We offer free storm damage evaluations to every homeowner in Georgia. We only use the highest products to guarantee your satisfaction. So, feel free to call us today and schedule your free evaluation.

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