Your roof is one of the most important things on the outside of your home. It keeps you protected from severe weather on the outside, it adds value to your home when it is in good condition, and if your roof is in good condition it will have fewer to no leaks so when the weather gets warm outside, your air conditioning will work perfectly inside. In this blog, we will discuss some signs that lead to you needing a new roof and what to do when you think you need one.
working on a roof
One main sign that possibly means you need a new roof is its age. The average expectancy of a roof is 30 years. That also depends on where you live and the weather conditions there. For example, if you have experienced a lot of hail damage, you might need a new one sooner. Another big sign is water stains or mold. Water stains can appear because of a damaged roof and water leaks. The mold will form due to a leak and can cause serious damage to your family’s health. You check for this by walking around your house and looking at the ceiling. If you have an attic, you can also go up there and check the ceiling.
water stains and mold on a ceiling
The last sign we will discuss is your shingles. If your shingles appear to be curling up, that’s a problem. Shingles curling could be a sign that water has crept into the roof. It not only shows that water could be the culprit but it also brings down your house’s appearance. So, if it has been about 10 years or longer since you have had your roof checked out, water or mold is appearing on your ceiling, or your shingles are curling up, it is time to call Georgia’s Best Roofers. At Georgia’s Best Roofers, we care for our customers, so we do offer free inspections. So, if you believe you need your roof inspected, give us a call today.